About Agron Palevic

1365549950_IMG_3053Driven by a passion for new experiences, Agron Palevic has traveled to a broad range of destinations. He most recently visited Cancun, Mexico, where he participated in a bus tour that visited the ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza. There, Agron Palevic photographed and learned about a variety of historic sites, including an ancient ball court that featured a 20-foot hoop for an estimated three to five pound ball.

Agron Palevic has also visited Colombia, where he traveled to the historic town of Guatavita. He has also explored the city of Bogota, which offers a variety of cultural experiences. He traveled to Jamaica in 2012 and Puerto Rico in 2011, and his adventures have taken him across Europe and into Canada as well. For two years, Mr. Palevic lived full-time in the European country of Montenegro, where he farmed his own land and lived truly independently. At the end of this period, he returned to the vibrant lifestyle of his native New York City.


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